Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the musical side of things . . .

I have decided to post a weekly review of a CD which is getting heavy rotation in my car, home, or office and recommend it to you for your listening pleasure. This week I want to focus on Phil Keaggy's Acoustic Sketches. According to I-Tunes I have listened to this CD over 230 times since importing it into this computer some two years ago. But I have been listening to it for over 12 years. And all I can say is . . . God-honoring and a musician's delight.

Phil Keaggy is the best guitar player that so-called Contemporary Christian Music has ever produced. That's not my opinion, that's a fact. Phil has been around since the birth of CCM and is one of its pioneers. He started out in the late 60's in a secular rock group called Glass Harp and shredded his Gibson Les Paul for all it was worth. During his time with that band he met the Lord Jesus Christ and began the process of turning his talents toward the Lord. When he sings he sounds a lot like Paul McCartney (which is a-okay with me) and when he plays he sounds like no other. Landmark albums include What A Day, Way Back Home, Crimson and Blue, Phil Keaggy, True Believer, The Master and the Musician, Beyond Nature, The Wind and the Wheat, Dream Again, and Acoustic Sketches. (There are many more, these are just the ones I could think of right now).

Sketches is the official background to my work days at the church office. Highlights include Metamorphosis, Spend My Life With You, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, The 50th, and Legacy. In each Phil lets his fingers do the walking in honor and praise of our Lord. The styles range from contemplative to folk and classical to all out jam.

If you enjoy acoustic guitar . . . this is the album for you. I hope this disc will lead you to discover more from Phil Keaggy. Enjoy!! Next week's review: who knows? :)

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