Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My little buddy is going to camp . . .

My wife and mother-in-law will be taking Grady, my 5 year old son, to Woodland Christian Camp tonight for First Timer's Camp. This will be the first time he has been gone without a relative being near EVER. His mom and I are not so sure about this little experiment. But I can only imgaine the mix of excitement and fear that must be present inside of him. This is really exciting, swimming, games, singing, Bible study, meeting new friends, getting there early enough to get a top bunk, But then tonight when it's time to go to sleep, there won't be prayers with mommy, no chapter from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to make him laugh and ooo and aah. No baby sister asleep in the crib next to his bed, no Baby Einstein music or lava lamp to serenade and keep the ghosts away. But he will have Teddy, his mom and dad's prayers, and God will be watching over him.

I know its only 41 hours, but for his mom and I it's gonna feel like eternity.

Is this how God felt when he sent Jesus to be born of a teenage virgin? I don't want to be overly dramatic here, but Ellie and I are hoping that Grady, who will be separated from us by a great distance, will stay the course and finish the camp. God watched His son intently and wanted so very much for Jesus to finish the course which had been given him, namely salvation for all of God's creation. God watched as Jesus came to his Gethsemane moment and I am sure God wanted to reach out and stop these events from unfolding. But "God loved the world," which includes you and I, so much that God did not intercede and Jesus was resolute in his obedience. He stayed the course and you know the rest of the story . . .

Tonight or tomorrow night, when Grady has his Gethsemane moment, will his mom and I allow the camp process to go to the end on Friday (coincidence, huh?)? I hope so. Grady's not saving the world by staying at camp, but he is showing a desire to obey and be challenged. So pray for us and for little Grado . . . we all need it. Js

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  1. I think you should tell us all about Grady's experience at camp. How was it for him? How did the parents "fair"? I haven't heard the outcome.....or did I forget?